The Effects Of Acid Rain On Temperate Deciduous Forest Essay

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The Effects of Acid Rain in the Temperate Deciduous Forest

The temperate deciduous forest has many environmental threats, such as deforestation, introduction of non-native species, overgrazing, and much more. One prominent issue, other than the cutting down of trees, is the constant occurrence of acid rain and pollutants in the air. Acid rain is essentially rainfall made acidic due to atmospheric pollution that causes environmental harm, typically to forests and lakes. The main cause of this dilemma is the industrial burning of coal and other fossil fuels, and the waste gases produced in this process contains sulfur and nitrogen oxides, which combine with atmospheric water to form harmful acids.

Acid rain does not have a direct effect on the ecosystem stability on the temperate deciduous forest. Instead, it affects the stability by contributing to the nutrient levels of the soil and plants, which is a factor that affects ecosystem stability. Through wet deposition, acid rain can collect in bodies of water, which in turn become sources of food and energy for plants. The acidity of the water they consume affects their nutrient levels and pH balance. This process also affects organisms that eat these plants and living things that rely on the affected water. Another organism affected by this environmental change would be the leaves of trees since they are especially vulnerable to acid rain.

Acid rain itself does not cause disruption in the carbon cycle, but the process in…

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