The Effects Of ADHD On Students

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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) is a type of mental illnesses that many children are faced with today. It is one of the most common disorders found in childhood and has caused many problems children. The effect that ADHD has on children’s academics has hindered their progression in school causing some to drop out. The purpose of this research is to evaluate ADHD and to show that it has academic effects on children. The effects on children’s academics will be the main focus of the research. It will also focus on how ADHD hinders students’ progression in school and the problems this cause them. The data collected was collected from surveys taking by teachers and parents of students from an afterschool program for grades K-5. The study was done on students that have been diagnosed with ADHD and students that have not been diagnosed. The students themselves were interviewed to see if symptoms were present. The students that has been diagnosed were asked, “How do they feel ADHD affects them?” Data from other surveys, charts, and statistical information, and peer-reviewed journal articles were also used in this research. Statistical techniques was used to analyze and interpret the final results of the study. This information will be shown in the form of charts to show that ADHD does affect children
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It is associated with low to failing grade and test scores and has been known to cause children to fail if not treated. Children with ADHD tend to get into a lot of trouble in school, causing them to spend a lot of time in, in-school suspension, after school detention, and being suspended from school. It is one of the major causes of the majority of behavioral problems that teachers see on a day to day basis. Labeling by others as being bad, retarded, dumb, special ed., causes them to become

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