Essay about The Effect Of Peer Pressure On Adolescents

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The Effect of Peer Pressure on Adolescents
According to Esen (2012) teens grow up and start to make their own decisions, for example choosing their own friends. Entering into middle school teens have the mind set of being a part of a group of friends that have the same interests as each other (Esen, 2012). Teens want to be a part of a group even if that means changing the way they dress or hair style to look like others in the group. Middle school teens care more about what the friends think of them and getting their approval first (Steinberg & Monahan, 2007). Teens are pressured into dressing a certain way to look the same to have been known that they way they are dressed makes them be identified as that group. Some teens think that listening to the group leader will help them be a part of the group (Steinberg & Monahan, 2007). Teens want to be accepted by other peers not be disliked by other and be looked as a target (Lesle, 2015). Teens do not want to be not like from their own group or other peers they see in school, this can cause peer pressure to be liked by others (Banerjee & Dittmar 2008).
Middle school is a time when teens become self-motivated and self dependent from their parents (Esen, 2012). Esen (2012), explains when teens are making their friend groups, their friends are around the same age and the group of friends are small in numbers. Teens want to be liked by others and blend in with the rest of the group (Echol, 2014). Teens have a need of…

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