The Effect Of An Active Sexual Lifestyle On College Students Essay

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The objective of this research is to analyze in detail the effect of an active sexual lifestyle on college students. Fifty seven participants were involved in this experiment and to help carry out factorial, descriptive and correlational analysis, the use of questionnaires and well as interviews were accessed. The results revealed that engaging in sexual activity in college can negatively impact students’ educational performance. Internal barriers such as sexual pleasure, causes an increase in their sex drive, thus, distract them from their academic studies. Males in college appeared to have greater sexual satisfaction and engaged more in an active sexual lifestyle. On the other hand, females who engaged in less sexual activity, still experienced stress and difficulty when it came to their academics.

College students are drawn to an active sexual lifestyle. The media is filled with stories, photos, and images about sex. Everybody talks about it or wants to be part of it. Why is sex such a big thing for college students? Does sex detract college students from their school work? Previous research has suggested that there is a relationship between sexual behavior and a healthy lifestyle.
Uitenbroek, D. G. (1994) study, examines the sociodemographic and lifestyle differences between dissimilar AIDS/HIV risk groups in college. Participants reported more than three sexual partners in the period of five years dichotomized into condom and non condom users. The data showed that…

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