The Education Act 2002 Essay

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Main provisions of the Education Act 2002
The Education Act 2002 received Royal Assent in July. The Act implements the legislative commitments set out in the White paper Schools — Achieving Success. It is a substantial and important piece of legislation intended to raise standards, promote innovation in schools and reform education law. The following summary sets out the main provisions of the Act. Furthermore, the wallchart sets out when the provisions will come into force. (Download the LEA or schools wallchart.) Hard copies of this wallchart can be obtained from PROLOG, the DfES publications centre, on 0845 602 2260, quoting reference DfES/0676/2002 for the schools wallchart and LEA/0294/2002 for the LEA wallchart.

Power to innovate
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This will provide greater transparency by making clearer how funding is divided up (section 41).

The Act introduces a reserve power for the Secretary of State to set a minimum schools budget. LEAs will be required to notify the Secretary of State and all the schools maintained by them of the proposed amount of their schools budget for the following financial year by the end of January each year (section 42).

In order to promote good dialogue between schools and LEAs, the Act will require each LEA to have an advisory Schools Forum, broadly representative of schools in that LEA 's area. Head teachers and governing bodies will elect school members to a forum which will then pass on views to the LEA (section 43).

The Act allows requirements to be imposed as to the way maintained schools keep accounts and report information (sections 44 and 45).

School admission, exclusion, and attendance (sections 46-53)
The Act builds on the framework established by the School Standards and Framework Act 1998 introducing a new requirement for co-ordinated admission arrangements, abolishing standard numbers, making admission forums statutory, and repealing the ability of foundation and VA schools to make special arrangements for preserving religious character. It also moves the requirements on admission appeals into regulations.

The Act makes adjustments to the existing law on

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