The Economic Recession Of 2007 Essay

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The Economic Recession of 2007
Paper outline
I. Introduction
A. Background of the economic recession of 2007
B. Main point No. 1: The search for higher profits
C. Main point No. 2: The misconception of the risk
D. Main point no. 3: A lax in the financial regulations
E. Main point number 4: The bursting of the U.S. housing bubble
F. Thesis statement: Although the 2007 economic recession could be attributed to several factors that include, the laxity in the financial regulations, the misconception of the risk and the bursting of the U.S. housing bubble are arguably the main causes of the economic recession.
II. Causes of the 2007 economic recession
A. Body paragraph No. 1: The Search for higher profit,
B. Body paragraph No. 2: The misperception of risk
C. The lax in financial regulation
D. bursting of the US housing bubble
III. The Impact of the crisis
a. The fall in the economy
b. Unemployment
c. Collapse of major financial institutions
IV. Measures that can be taken mitigate the impact of the crisis
A. Initiation of macroeconomic policies,
B. Labor market measures to reduce effects of the crisis on the workers
V. Conclusion

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The Economic Recession of 2007
As from 2007 towards the end of 2009, there was a severe economic crisis in the United States of America. The impact was also felt by other nations within the world. The crisis, according to economic observers was…

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