Essay about The Early Republic

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The delicacy of the early republic was exposed through the ever increasing, and consequently more apparent, impecunious people. Young America was in the midst of an agrarian lifestyle, which shifted into the preference of a metropolitan invested one. This metropolitan preference is said, according to Seth Rockman, to be what led families to become reliant on “government assistance to stay afloat” (2). However, officials, and government reliant citizens, hastily discerned that aid was not enough. Along with this recognition, many people were confused and by the poor as Mathew Carey stated, “…poverty out of place ‘in a country furnished like ours, with such an abundance of the fruits of the earth, and such ample means of comfortable livelihood’” (2). Through this newfound consciousness arose conceptions of disgust towards the poor. The plutocratic simply could not comprehend any of the negative aspects of their impeccable capitalism thus leading them to conclude there is something wrong with the person, not the system.
Initially, however, people did want to help one another, whether their efforts were purely to help a fellow human might be debated. The upper and middle classes wanted all of America to prosper since “poverty ran counter to the self-image of the new nation and threatened its fragile political experiment” (5).
Despite this, humanitarian ideals promptly diminished, affluent citizens considered the poor as a hardship of society (4). Proportionally, with this…

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