The Early Onset Of Broadway Essay example

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Examining the early onset of Broadway to its establishment as a major American form of entertainment, Jews have been an integral part of its creation and continued popularity. While utilizing some major political and cultural events and themes as influences in their work, they have brought their critical opinion of many of the world’s shortsighted actions to the forefront of their audience’s attention. By observing their works more thoroughly for political and cultural commentary, we may begin to discover the experiences of many minorities and others in American society.

Before Broadway began, many newly arrived Jewish immigrants turned to Yiddish Theatre as a source of comfort as well as new knowledge about the new world in which they lived. The lessons taught by many Yiddish theatre productions were extremely important to the new ‘Americans’. It was a stepping-stone used to further their transition away from the “old world” and into the “new” (movie). Yiddish theatre had its beginnings with the mass migration of immigrants from Eastern Europe. Boris Thomashefsky was credited with the creation of Yiddish Theater and both him and his wife Bessie participated and starred in many productions. Yiddish Broadway or theatre as it was known was centered downtown along Second Avenue in New York City, as it would be easily accessible to the Jewish population, which was downtown’s majority at the time.

To the many new jews entering America, Broadway theatre represented a much…

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