The Dystopian Novel ' 1984 ' By George Orwell Essay

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In the book 1984 George Orwell explains his dystopian vision of what 1984 is going to be like from his perspective in 1949. As many of us know the dystopian idea of 1984 never came fully into fruition due to the fact that 1984 has come and gone . In the book Winston Smith, a regular human being in the dystopian society, tries to get out of this situation and to figure out why the government are doing these suspicious acts. Some other main characters are Julia and O 'brien. Throughout the book, most characters are very pessimistic which can relate to George Orwells attitude on life; he thought that nothing good would happen in the future . This is very contradictory because the spirit of the age at this time is very optimistic and happy since Britain had just come out of the world war. People would also describe this time as prosperous due to all the new technological inventions and new ideas that were being invented during this time. Though Orwell presents a negative view of government,Based on earlier events of the twentieth century,Most of the bad events he represents were already past by 1949.

Even though Winston Smith life is filled with misery and pain in his totalitarian society ,Orwell allows him a brief of happiness and love. During this time there is hope for Winston and hope for the future of this society. In the beginning of the book we learn that Winston works for the government in the record department of in the ministry of truth. While trying to escape Big…

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