The Dying Detective By Arthur Conan Doyle: An Analysis

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In the story “The Dying Detective,” Sherlock Holmes utilized his intelligence to obtain the truth about a crime committed by Mr. Culverton Smith. The whodunit was written by Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock Holmes planned to frame Mr. Culverton Smith. In order for him to do so, Sherlock Holmes acted as if he had a life threatening disease; he feigned his death. Mr. Culverton had given Sherlock Holmes the box that contained deadly poison. Sherlock Holmes did not tell anyone he was faking because he knew the mission would be most successful if everyone believed him. He did not want Dr. Watson or Mrs. Hudson to accidentally reveal the actuality. Sherlock Holmes was in disguise of a detective, who was severely ill until the end of the story. Sherlock …show more content…
Culverton Smith for Victor Savage’s death using Dr. Watson as a witness. Textual evidence to support this statement would be Sherlock Holmes told Dr. Watson to conceal himself so he could act as the witness. Dr. Watson could easily offer evidence about the crime because he heard all facts Mr. Culverton shared about his assassination of Victor. Sherlock Holmes knew Mr. Culverton would not share his crime to a dying man if someone else was in the room. In this case, Sherlock realized Dr. Watson would have to be invisible to Mr. Culverton Smith. Sherlock Holmes had already established a plan with Mr. Morton, an investigator, to capture Mr. Culverton Smith. Sherlock Holmes tricked Mr. Culverton into turning up the lamp. His excuse was that he could not see. The lighter lamp was the signal for Mr. Morton to enter the bedroom. Mr. Morton forced handcuffs around Mr. Culverton Smith’s wrists. When Mr. Culverton accused Sherlock Holmes as lying, he then remembered Dr. Watson was his witness. Sherlock Holmes had planned out the event to frame Mr. Culverton Smith to the last detatail. Undoubtedly, Mr. Culverton Smith was guilty of killing Victor and guilty of attempting to kill Sherlock Holmes by giving him the hazardous box. Sherlock Holmes revealed the truth to Dr. Watson. Overall, Sherlock Holmes’s plan to frame Mr. Culverton Smith was extremely

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