Dustland Fairytale Analysis

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Readers can find that there is poetry in almost everything that they see during their day. From music to art, all poetry has similar aspects that make it what it is. Although many think that rhythm and rhyme make up most of a poem, poetic devices and symbolism are very important. The band, The Killers’ song “Dustland Fairytale” captures all of these vital characteristics of a poem. Another then the hip beat and catchy rhymes the song provides symbolism, personification, metaphors and imagery. Listening to it takes the listeners to a different time and place as the lead singer sings about someone looking back in the past. Almost all music has some form of poetry but this song covers all aspects of what poetry stands for.
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In “Dustland Fairytale” the band uses many different poetic devices to show the different levels of their interesting story. Personification is present in the story throughout the many different verses. “Change came in disguised as a revelation” is used to explain that a revelation came without any notice and was not expected. This personification does a good job in showing the husband had changed to a faithful man, just like her modest wife. Revelation is a book in the New Testament of the bible, which shows that the man may have converted to some kind of Christian faith. Another good personification in the story is, “set his soul on fire”. This is used in many songs, but audiences rarely think about what it actually means. This shows that the man now has passion for something. A simile that makes listeners think is “decades disappear like sinking ships”. It shows that time has passed and went by fast just like sinking ships sink quickly. Metaphors, like similes attach two statements to get the reader to see something in a different way. “The mind is poison”, is a metaphor that The Killers are comparing mind and poison. The listeners now see that the woman maybe died from illness in the mind, or maybe she was scared of dying even though she had amazing faith. These poetic devices make the listeners truly listen to the song rather then just listening to the lyrics. Symbolism is another key element in poetry and is used often in The Killers hit

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