The Drug Of The Heroin Epidemic Essay

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The heroin epidemic is rising at an alarming rate and cites are desperate to find a solution. The CDC reports that 27,000 people die each year due to heroin overdoses. The jails are inundated with offenders, that once released go out and use again, thus continuing a cycle of insanity without producing any solutions. More youths have succumbed to addictions involving Meth and Heroin, and many are dying as a result. No one seemed to be paying any attention until it reached epidemic proportions, or as some have suggested, become a "white middle class problem" that surpassed the poor minority populations. The documentary Chasing Heroin, searches for answers as to why addiction has escalated over the years. It is believed to have been started by the distribution of Oxycontin (Oxycodone).
It began innocently enough, prescribing pain medication to the most seriously ill patients, those afflicted with cancer or AIDS. Doctors were reluctant to prescribe opiates for fear of the implications of an addiction. A company called Pharma Purdue wanted to expand the distribution of pain medication by promoting a new drug, one without the implications of addiction. According to Purdue, only 1% of patients taking this new wonder drug became addicted. They called this new wonder drug Oxycontin. Purdue aggressively marketed this new drug, and many become convinced of its safe use. Doctors began dispensing this to their patients at an alarming rate, to help with every pain know…

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