The Dominance Of Masculinity Between Men And Men Essay

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Moreover, Kesey uses the character Dale Harding to show the dominance of masculinity between men. Dale Harding, the scholar with a vixen wife, is described to be a fragile-like male, with beautiful features, dainty hands, nice hair and a slim body, and educated suggest attributes fitting for a leader. Despite his beauty, his good looking wife, and his degree, Harding’s biggest trouble was his passiveness and lack of masculinity. When McMurphy is first introduced in the book, he asks to meet with the “top-man” the boss of the ward, Billy Bibbit points to Harding, the president of the Patients Council. Although, Harding had the power to make Mcmurphy live under his lead, he is rather dethroned of his role, by a character whose features represent obvious masculinity traits. Since he lacks those typical masculinity traits, he cannot be the alpha male in the ward.
In the beginning of the story a picture Harding has on nightstand focuses on Vera Harding, it’s a picture of her lifting her bathing suit top revealing her breasts, and in the back of her sits Harding on a towel. He is described as a skinny man waiting for a big guy to kick sand on him. This image demonstrates him as weak and his placement in the photo demonstrates where he stands in his marriage. During her visits to the ward, his wife seems to be frustrated of the lack of masculine traits he presents that she even mocks him about the visitors who keep coming back looking for him, “The hoity-toity boys with the nice…

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