The Doctor : Options Of Treatment With The Patient Essay example

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In this case study, the doctor is discussing options of treatment with the patient for the patient’s angina. Two options are offered by Dr. Kenton. The first is the option of doing coronary artery bypass surgery that provides an 80% chance of getting rid of the patient’s angina (Munson, 2012, p. 726). The second option is managing the patient’s angina strictly by medical treatment, such as medications and diet. The patient’s main concern was their angina and making the pain go away. The doctor tells the patient that medical treatment is not as effective on angina pains as surgery. After the doctor went over all the option, the patient decides that he would rather have the surgery. The doctor responds by asking the patient if he has any other health insurance in addition to the one he currently has. The patient does not have additional insurance and the doctor states that the patient’s health insurance will not cover the cost of the surgery. The doctor tells the patient that he will have to come up with the rest of the money which is about five thousand dollars (Munson, 2012, p. 726). The patient tells the doctor he will be unable to come up with the funds to have the surgery so the doctor states that they will manage the patient’s angina medically. The patient is very worried about the pain from the angina and the doctor tells the patient that they will do what they can in order to help with the pain (Munson, 2012, p. 726).
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