Essay on The Doctor And River Song 's Relationship

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The BBC’s Doctor Who initially aired in 1963, until it was canceled in 1989 (IMDb). In 2005, the show was rebooted under the direction of Russell T. Davies; in 2008, the role of show runner was passed on to Steven Moffat (Martin). Doctor Who has always been an episodic serial, following the adventures of a “time lord”—simply called “the Doctor”—and his companion. The Doctor can regenerate into a new body instead of dying—allowing the character to be portrayed by successive actors—and has a vessel known as the TARDIS that can take him anywhere in space and time. Under the direction of Steven Moffat, the plot of Doctor Who displayed more intricacy and narrative complexity, developing plot lines and character arcs that stretched across one or more seasons (Cooper and Mahoney). The plotline of the Doctor and River Song’s relationship is one of many arcs that conform to Mittell’s conceptualization of plot-based narrative complexity (18-41). It exemplifies non-linear storytelling—the Doctor and River Song repeatedly meet in reverse sequential order according to their respective out-of-sync timelines. The show further employs operational aesthetic, as each episode River Song appears in gives more clues to her and the Doctor’s relationship and their respective timelines. The overall critical and economic success of Doctor Who illustrates that the episodic serial with narrative complexity is rising in today’s media.
Doctor Who has established its economic value to the BBC. Financial…

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