The Disaster Of The Chernobyl Disaster Essay

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Engineers employ the fundamentals of Mathematics and Science to establish solutions to technical problems. However, this process of detecting the problem, researching the problem, developing the solution, and executing the right solution does not always go according to the plan. This usually leads to terrifying engineering disasters. Due to this, it is very important for engineers to be sure and confident about everything that they do. There will always be incidents and failures as engineers push the boundaries by building astonishing infrastructures, constructing longer tunnels, and reaching further into space. However, each time there is an engineering failure or a disaster, engineers learn something new that they keep in mind while developing any further solutions to other problems. One of the biggest engineering disasters in the past was the Chernobyl disaster. Chernobyl disaster was a devastating nuclear incident that occurred in 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. Just like from many other engineering disasters, engineers learned a lot of key things from this event as well. From the Chernobyl disaster, engineers learned many things such as to make sure that your design is perfect, to ensure safety first despite the high cost, and evacuate the area if any danger is detected. From the Chernobyl disaster, engineers learned many new things that they were not aware of before. To began with, one of the most important things that engineers learned from…

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