The Different Forms Of Language Essay

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Language is unique. It can be seen or heard, it can be diverse or standard. This has been analysed and researched at great length, because of its importance in human communication. Language plays an important role in everybody’s life from the moment they are born. With particular interest in human’s developmental phases of learning. These are from infancy through to adolescence. This importance can be seen through the many theories that have developed around cognitive development and the many literacy programs and stages devised to assess the child’s growth. In this essay we will gain deeper understanding of how these two topics are intertwined and their individual importance.
The Different Forms of Language

Language is diverse. Lyons said that language is a ‘conventional symbol system concerned with communication or co-operation between people’ (1981). Therefore, from this statement we can conclude that depending on which ‘people’ are present, will determine the communication they have devised. This can be seen through the different ‘World Englishness’ that have developed across the globe. These different varieties have occurred due to individuality, specialised meanings/words, new concepts, social class, age, and pronunciation. In Australia, several examples of these variations are found in the Aboriginal communities, and ethnic groups that populate this country.


Language can be standard. When language is standard, it is often seen in a formal setting…

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