The Differences Between Women And Men Essay

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Rufus and Zhao bring to question why women can not study philosophy but are expected to behave in a chaste and virtuous way. Philosophy is described as the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence. Woman in these cultures were expected to be constantly aware of themselves and their roles in the household. These two women make compelling arguments for the future of all other women and the rights they should have. Gaius Musonius Rufus was from Rome and she wrote “That women too should study philosophy”, within this text Rufus argues “Women have received from the gods the same ability to reason that men have…. Likewise women have the same senses as men, sight, hearing, smell, and the rest….” The quote demonstrates all the similarities women and men are born with. In the ancient roman empire there were many gender roles in the society. Men were warriors while women were mainly child bearers, or future warrior carriers. Rufus asks one man if sons and daughters should be taught the same way his response was “There are not different sets of virtues for men and women. First, men and women both need to be sensible…. Second, both need to live just lives…. Third, a wife ought to be chaste, and so should a husband….” After proving that men and women of the time acknowledge that both sexes have so many similarities Rufus then brings to light that she isn’t suggesting all gender roles change “Some tasks are more appropriate for one nature, others for the…

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