The Difference Between a Sergeant and Corporal Essay

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As a Private First Class in the United States Marine Corps, it is my duty to identify and recognize the difference between a Sergeant and a Corporal. Hence, in order to explain that I know, and acknowledge the difference between these two higher ranking officers, I am writing this essay to explain my understanding.

The Marine Corps rank of Sergeant narrowly parallels that of the Corporal in regards to duties and responsibilities. The basic duties and responsibilities of all the noncommissioned officer (NCO) ranks never changes. The major difference between a Sergeant and a Corporal is that the Sergeant is in daily contact with larger numbers of Marines and generally has more property and equipment to maintain.

Both the Corporal
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Through leading by example, being fair, he or she earns the trust of his or her Marines.
In order for a Corporal to move up in ranks and become a Sergeant, he or she need to prove that they are capable of meeting the increased demands of the higher grade through meeting both basic eligibility requirements and competing in a Marine Corps-Wide Composite Score competition. These requirements are to ensure that only the best qualified candidates are promoted.

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