The Difference Between Grand Theft Auto V And Boxing Essay

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What’s the difference between “Grand Theft Auto V” (GTA V) and boxing? For starters, GTA V is a video game, and boxing is a competitive sport. One side is influenced by money, weapons, sex, and drugs. The other is influenced by physical brutality and roaring chants of spectators. Both of these two have their differences, but one thing that they primarily share is violence. Statistics show that GTA V was a record breaking video game seller – having sold over 34 million copies. It was also one of the most anticipated game ever – predicted that GTA V was going to have a tremendous amount of features than the preceding GTA games. For boxing, there are millions of spectators sharing a large interest for just two people fighting with each other. You might ask yourself, “Well why many of these people are so interested into such violent things?” Violence is a place for humans to release their inner insanity, while simultaneously keeping a sane state in reality. People are assertive towards negative chants when it comes to sports. Imagine a boxing match visible to every eye. Boxing fans would go crazy whenever their favorite boxer pins down his opponent, or shout complaints whenever their boxer is pinned. In Joyce Carol Oates essay, “On Boxing”, Oates points out, “When the boxing fan shouts, ‘Kill him! Kill him!’ he is betraying no peculiar individual pathology or quirk but asserting his common humanity and his kinship” (549). In this sentence, peculiar is defined as strange/odd,…

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