The Difference Between A Madman And Me Essay

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According to Salvador Dali, surrealist painter, the difference “between a madman and me. The madman thinks he is sane, and I know I am mad” In Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying , a person who is sane is practical and whose actions can be predicted. Meanwhile, insanity is defined as unconventional actions that can not be explained. Nevertheless, Faulkner 's take on sanity is deeper than opposites written on paper. Sanity can never truly be defined for every being is irrational, and the ability to be fully rational is beyond the realm of reality. If human beings were completely pragmatic and devoid of emotion, we would not be human.

On one hand, sanity is seen in society as black and white and never impartial. A person can not be partially sane and insane. However, viewpoints cannot determine the sane from the insane. In As I Lay Dying, the Bundrens take on the arduous task to deliver Addie Bundren to her final resting place in Jefferson. In addition, the Bundrens also face the views of Samaritans that constantly guide the Bundrens throughout their journey. Specifically, Samson, aids the Bundrens in the beginning of their journey. Despite his aid, Samson has a varied perspective concerning the Bundrens’ task. Samson, a kind man, can not help experiencing the detrimental effects of the Bundren’s stay. He tries to justify the Bundren’s situation by claiming daughter, Dewey Dell “rather have her ma close by, so she could-”(Faulkner, 115). Samson tries to possibly influence the…

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