The Destruction Of Humanity Analysis

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Hitler’s plans of destruction and agonizing pain that he brought to the Jews was not expected by citizens, soldiers, and the nations around the world. In January 30, 1933 Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany. He began removing all other political parties, and soon the Nazi party was the only party left which enables him to carry out the Final Solution. The Nazi soldiers acted systematically in order to exterminate more than six million Jews. Throughout World War Two the actions inflicted by soldiers and people’s reaction demonstrates how humanity continues to struggle with violence. The greedy people are able to delude the naive world; therefore, cause humanity to be drained out. As war occurs, people begin seeing how humanity dies …show more content…
Humanity begins to collapse as soldiers approach innocent families, kids, babies, and elderly and exterminate them for being a nuisance to the world. The idea of the destruction to a certain ethnicity is not needed. The extermination done by soldiers goes against the human rights. The humanity in people disappears as they listen to the words of a man, and decide that killing their own species is justified. The unfortunate and unrealistic idea of Hitler became reality, and tore the Jew’s privacy, faith, beliefs, and life. The Nazis not only showed their destruction by annihilating the Jewish people, but also by the lies, rumors, misconception of the Jews used in propaganda and characterization. In posters they would often illustrate Jews as thieves, filthy, and dishonest. A film poster in the movie “the Eternal Jew” the illustration demonstrates by saying, “’ among the animals, [rats] represent rudiment of an insidious, underground destruction – just like the Jews among Human Beings”’ showing how the Jewish like the rats cause chaotic and unneeded stress in the world (Document H). Throughout Hitler’s legacy as a dictator in Germany the Jew were presented as the problem in the world. People are not meant to judge, and portray others with rumors and lies. People

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