Essay on The Debate Over The Rights Of Immigrants

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The debate over the rights of immigrants or refugees remains unresolved and countries seem to be increasingly hostile towards these groups of individuals. Though the issue of immigration is often debated with emphasis purely on the economic effects of immigration, I believe that often the social side of immigration is forgotten. When we debate legislation, we speak about the jobs that immigrants might take, but we never speak about the way in which an immigrant’s family unit is affected by the harsh laws against immigration. This issue is of particular importance to me because I have seen, as well as read about, the effects of the harsh immigration laws on families and I hope that in the future no family will have to go through the hardships unnecessarily created by unfair immigration laws. When I was a child, my family hired a part time nanny to help take care of my brother and I as my mom went back to work. The woman my family hired was a sweet, vibrant lady, who seemed very happy. The woman had emigrated from St. Lucia legally and was a by all accounts model citizen. After about a year, my family decided we no longer needed the help and let our nanny go. I then forgot about our nanny and her origins as I grew older. Recently, as I did my senior project on the immigration of unaccompanied minors, I began talking with my aunt about the U.S. policies on immigration. I told my aunt about a book (Enrique’s Journey by Sonia Nazario) I read about a boy whose mother had gone…

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