The Debate Over Stem Cell Research Essay example

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The world is all about controversy, in today 's age it seems as if the world can not function without a little dispute every now and then. Right now the controversy is stem cell research. So what exactly is this debate over? Do people really understand the actual meaning of the term, “stem cell”? This research could change medical history for the good, so why not be for it? You may think this is absurd because of all the ridiculous assumptions you may have heard, but I am here to explain these are most likely not true. Stem cell research has had many myths and conceptions, but with knowledge of what these stem cells are and where they come from people can celebrate this medical advancement; sure it has it’s pros and cons, but what doesn’t? Stem cells research has been a whirlwind of confusion for most people, all of the different phrases and terms used to explain it have been overly exaggerated. According to Merriam-Webster a stem cell is, ”a simple cell in the body that is able to develop into any one of various kinds of cells (such as blood cells, skin cells, etc.)” Stem cells are in every human body, the most potent cells though are in a fetus instead of the adult body. Some types of these cells have the ability to duplicate and produce all other cells in the body. Others can repair damaged tissues or cells. There are three sources in which you can obtain these stem cells: a embryonic cell, umbilical cord, and from iPs, an adult stem cell.
The embryonic stem cell has…

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