The Death Penalty Is Cruel And Unusual Punishment Essay

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Death Penalty
The death penalty is a punishment of execution, administered to someone legally convicted of a capital crime. In today’s society the death penalty is considered cruel and unusual punishment. The death penalty is used to punish criminals across the United States and other countries. This sets an example and tries to prevent massive crimes from happening.
There are five methods of getting executed. First one is the lethal injection. The lethal injection is to kill a person using a lethal dose of drugs injecting one of their veins. Today only two methods exist. One is using a three drug protocol and another one is using a large dose of barbiturate. Since 1976, 1,246 people have been executed with the lethal injection, and 33 states in the United States have authorized this method. The next one is electrocution. Electrocution is death caused by an electric shock. It is a large amount of electricity going into the human body. Since 1976, 158 people have been executed with the electrocution method. Eight states have authorized this method. The gas chamber is another one. The gas chamber is a room that is filled with poisonous gas. Since 1976, 11 people have been executed with the gas chamber. Five states have authorized this method. Being hanged is another method of execution. The hanging method is when they tie a rope on someone’s neck and pull it, causing their neck to crack and for them to die. The hanging method has been used on only three people since 1976.…

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