Essay about The Death Of Tupac Shukur

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Who you are is based on the events and moments that take place in your life. Understand that everything has an effect. Moments in your life causes positivity or negativity based on the emotion afterwards. One can have such a strong connection with a past moment that the emotion resinates with them forever. For an example Times magazine ask Kendrick Lamar about the concept of his new album and he responded saying “the album focuses on his journey of depression, systemic racism, substance abuse in society, police brutality”. As an African American I fully understood the negative moments that Kendrick Lamar was faced with that stuck with him. One thing I strongly admire about Kendrick is that he does not allow negative moments to cause him to become a negative person. Instead he uses the moments as reminder to stay positive. There are many events that alerted my life and made me who I am today such as the death of Tupac Shukur, the presidential election in 2008 and the Baltimore Riot in 2015. The first event that altered my life was the tragic death of beloved Tupac Shukur. This particular murder not only changed my life but caused devastation to thousands of people nationwide. Tupac was a great inspiration for many people, and often focused on equal rights for all. He was humble person with a great heart that loved humanity through God. According to the CNN news article Tupac Shukur had attended a boxing match located in Las Vegas. After the match was over he then got in his…

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