The Death Of The World Essays

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It all began with nothing and it created our entire way of life. At first there was nothing but Chaos and out of Chaos came Night and Erebus. Then there was Love and from Love came Light. Erebus and Night created Ether and Day the heavenly and earthly light, from Light and Day came Gaia the earth mother. Night alone gave birth to Doom, Fate, Nemesis, Sleep, and Death. Gaia alone gave birth to Uranus and is also her husband. Together they made the Cyclops, the hecatoncheires and twelve Titans. Uranus imprisoned the Cyclopes and the hecatoncheires deep in Tartarus. Gaia was furious and plotted against him having one of her children kill him and Cronus was the only brave one to do it. Uranus either died or withdrew from the earth, but the bloodshed left on earth created the giants, the ash tree nymphs, the erinnyes, and the eldest goddess Aphrodite. Cronus was the next ruler and to stay that way he ate the “six” children, he and his sister or wife Rhea, however, Rhea had tricked Cronus when she was pregnant with their sixth child Zeus, and hid Zeus giving Cronus a rock instead. Zeus trained until one day with the help of Rhea his mother Cronus let him on Mount Olympus where, he gave his father a drink to vomit up his siblings and started the Titanomachy Titans vs Gods. Zeus went to Tartarus to free the Cyclops and the hecatoncheires gaining them as allies also got one of the Titans Prometheus on his side winning him victory. Zeus then sent the Titans, who fought against him to…

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