The Death Of The Hospital Awaiting Transplant Essay

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People are placed in critical situations everyday. Decisions made could be the difference between lives living or lives dieing. In every decision made a choice is determined that will benefits and consequences. What matters is if the benefits out way the consequences. In the scenerio of a young women named Janice Cheng who recently was involved in a terrible car accident. Her body is mangled, her brain shows only faint activity, and she is only being kept alive on the ventilator. She has no family in the U.S. and efforts to reach her Chinese family have proven unsuccessful so far. You have discovered that she is a registered organ donor and that her heart is a match for another patient at the hospital awaiting transplant. It is your medical opinion that there is no possibility for her to recover whatsoever, and you want to help your other patient who needs the heart. So in a sense you are given the choices to either allow an individual to die that could live a healthy life with the heart transplant or hope the organ donar on a ventilar keeping them alive with minimal brain activity and a mangeled body would recover.Although harvesting the organs would mean removing Janice Cheng off the ventilators taking her life it is the right thing to do. Not only does she have no family and is being held together by a machine but by harvesting the organs it allows the individual to recieve her heart and give the organs to other individuals who greatly need it.
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