Essay on The Death Of The Great Gatsby By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Despite Gregor’s noble attempts at meeting his family’s expectations, The Alienation he endured at their hands led to his demise. Dehumanization can decay even the most perseverant souls.
Perseverance & attempts to conform A.) Works to pay father’s debts B.) Wants to work after transformation
2. Alienation A.) From family B.) From Boss C.) From sister D.) From society
3. Dehumanization A.) Having to feed on trash B.) Odors from his room C.) Mounds of festering filth in his bedroom
4. His ultimate breakdown A.) Families rejection B.) The pain he endured from gash from father
5. Conclusion / Merciful death A.) Family resumes normal social functions like work & bus ride into town B.) Acts as if nothing has happened C.) Gregor’s death ultimately relieves family

It can be said that every living thing human, animal, organism, or otherwise is trying to find its place in society or food chain despite religious practice , location, nationality, political outlook, gender, education, & occupation. It also can be said man as a species has only sustained this long on earth by being very perseverant through any circumstance. The same strong characteristics can even be found in animal kingdom and insects. An injured member in a wolf pack or wounded solider in a battalion would both have the same spirit of perseverance in them to finish the mission or joinery to not let their respected pack members or love ones down.
So even if our…

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