The Death Of The Book Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde By Robert Louis Stevenson

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The author and the reader- without either of these participants fiction is empty. The author is the creator of the work and builds the structure upon which the reader hangs their interpretations and theories. Neither one comes to the task completely unbiased and neither leaves it unchanged. The relationship between the reader and the author is a power struggle that has gone back for as long as humans have been telling and editing stories and the struggle will go on until we stop. The text 's The Driver 's Seat by Muriel Spark and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson both show the power and lack that the reader and the author have.
In his famous essay 'The Death of the Author ' Roland Barthes claimed that "the reader is without history, biography, psychology" but no reader on this earth is without history and no reader is able to come to a text without bringing their expectations and experiences to the table. (1325) Stevenson did not intend for his readers to know the secrets of his novella before they read it. It is only the abundance of versions of the tale that has caused this. For a modern reader it is virtually impossible to begin the novella without a version of the Jekyll-to-Hyde transformation scene already in mind. This knowledge alone drastically alters the readers reaction to the novella. For Stevenson 's contemporaries the first introduction to Hyde is a mysterious tale wherein he callously injures a young girl and uses Jekyll…

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