Essay about The Death Of Martyrs Monument

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A monument is a place or thing that denotes the persistency of a cloud of symbolic significance over an event that occurred in the past. The Prison Ship Martyrs Monument was erected on the 14th of November 1908 by the sculptor Adolph Alexander Weinman and the architect Stanford White. It is an affable monument located in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, New York that commemorates the lives of 11,500 Americans who were imprisoned by the British during the American Revolution and died egregiously because of the diseases and grievous conditions on the ships. This monument, as well as many others whom great respect is bestowed upon, is a monument that conceives much sympathy and empathy to the unfortunate deaths of many American martyrs in the past. It wholly stimulates and appeals to the pathos in every American visiting it. The prison Ship Martyrs Monument is a respected monument in the eyes of many Americans, and to an extent, many British. The Revolutionary War between the American colonists and the British lasted for seven years. For the American colonists, the seven years of war were the seven years of “hell.” The British originally brought a hospital ship to Wallabout Bay along the East river where the core of the anguish of war was to abet and assist them in the war. This ship was called “HMS Jersey.” However, this ship turned into a prison during the war. American colonists, fighting in the name of independence, were taken captives by the British and imprisoned in the…

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