The Death Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay

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not ready to deal with the consequences that might come with death. Once someone dies it is over, you can not come back from it. The unknown after death is enough to scare him into dealing with the ills he has. He says it makes a coward of us all. At this point Hamlet is still seen debating life, but he understands the consequences that come with death.
Soon after Hamlet has this speech about suicide, Hamlet does something because of his emotions. Hamlet murders Polonius. Right before this murder Hamlet sees Claudius, which causes his emotional state to be affected. His emotions get high and he acts irrationally. He stabs Polonius for eavesdropping on his conversation with his mother. “ Through the death of Polonius, Hamlet has committed the very crime which he was seeking to punish; the son of a father murdered has himself murdered a father” (Denton). When Hamlet kills Polonius he was emotional from seeing Claudius. The sight of Claudius brings back the memory of his dad 's murder. This memory causes Hamlet to become very emotional and act without thinking. Hamlet set out to kill Claudius for killing his dad and causing Hamlet to be so emotional. By killing Polonius he has become Claudius. He has become the very person that he is trying to kill. He is no better that Claudius. Hamlet killed someone else’s father and someone 's friend without a second of remorse. Hamlet thought he was killing Claudius when he struck the sword. When Hamlet found out he killed Polonius he…

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