The Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller Essay

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The year of 1915 in Manhattan New york Arthur Miller a jewish immigrants was born. Miller father own a small business but during the great depression time the small coat manufacturing failed. During 1932 Miller graduated high school, then find himself working in a auto parts warehouse. A couple years after that Miller went to the University of Michigan where he graduated in 1938 and also be rewarded the hopwood awards for playwriting. New york where he return writing for federal theater project. During his time playing football he got injured so that affected him, he got rejected for military service. So miller toured the army camps to collect items for a moives, from the story GI Joe.miller journal of this tour was during 1944. Also he had won a theatre guild award. His novel appeared in 1945. In 1947 miller career burgeoned. He also won three prizes and fascinated audiences across the country. In 1949 where he became famous off Death of a salesman give miller pulitzer prize and also income of $2 millions. In 1953 the crucible have been heard in 17 different languages. Miller shifted from a salesman to the salem witch hunt of 1692 in the crucible. June 1956 he argued conscience would not permit him to use the name of someone else. so the conviction was overturned in 1958. Miller return to domestic drama in a tight in 1968. In new york all of Miller 's work was shown. He stages a musical up from paradise in 1974 adaptation of his creation of the world in michigan. The…

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