The Death From Medication Or Lethal Injection Essays

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“Human life doesn’t need to be extended by every medical means possible, but a person should never be intentionally killed.” says Ryan T. Anderson of Heritage Foundation, but he is completely wrong because if the patient wants to live no longer and gave consent, or their parents or children, to dying, then a doctor or medical professional should be obligated to give them what they request if there is no hope for a cure for their illness or they feel that they are too old to continue to live. Ryan continues to say, “Doctors may help their patients to die a dignified death from natural causes, but they should not kill their patients or help them to kill themselves.” A death from medication or lethal injection is just as natural as a dose of radiation or chemotherapy, it’s not, but with assisted suicide, at least the patient doesn’t have to pretend to have hope to get better, they can focus on dying, which is what they want to do. It is 10x more devastating to hear that there is no more hope for grandma, then to hear that she has been taking pills to help speed up her death, because at least she gave consent in dying so the cancer she has, or the Alzheimer’s she has can no longer take the cookie baking goddess a loved one grew up to love. It’s not fair for someone who has never experienced pain and suffering to “advocate rights for sick people” because they had never been sick like that. Whether mercy, finances, morals, or religion, every elderly person or terminally ill person…

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