The Day Worship Service Needs Renewal Essay

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Humanity is equipped with the capability to progress and grow. For the most part, this advancement is prompted by life experiences, whether positive or negative, that we not only live and dismiss but consider as life lessons from which we learn. In the academic world we live these type of experiences all the time, but seldom we get a chance to reflect intently on that which is reforming and restructuring us and why.
To consider that our Sunday worship service needs renewal was a far-fetched thought for our context, because the word renewal has been used in our denomination to refer to the needs the Anglo churches have to avoid vanishing. Renewal best describes the effort the denomination is making to bring vitality back to the worship service in an attempt to give these dying churches a fighting chance at survival. Therefore, worship renewal for a vibrant, growing, developing Hispanic congregation is a non-issue, it not even remotely in the back of our minds.
How foolish and naïve are we to think we have it all figured out just because our churches are growing and have vitality. This class has helped me understand that worship is so much more than the styles, the tactics and the cultural components executed. Needless to say, throughout this class I’ve wrestled with my biases and prejudices. My notions of worship have been stretched and expanded, but for the most part, I’ve reconciled the old with the new and the new with the old.
Learning about how worship has…

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