Essay on The Day Of The Rain

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I try not to think about it most days, but today it couldn’t be helped. Maybe it was the way the rain looked as it hit the windshield of the car, or how air smelled think with humidity and freshly wetted pavement. It happened just over nine years ago, on a day similar to this one. My family was off to church one stormy Sunday morning, nobody was in a particularly good mood given that fact that it was five am and we weren’t in bed. My parents insisted that on the first Sunday of every month we go to Church in the mountains, a two hour drive from my house. I sat in the outside seat looking out my window at the rain. I loved how it looked as it crashed against the windshield and I loved the smell of rain that crept in through the vents of the old car. My 16 years old sister, Virginia, slept peacefully in her Sunday dress, her head resting against my seat and my little brother Ollie, who was 6 months old, also slept in his car seat just beyond my sister. The car was quiet except for my mother humming the melancholy tune of “Let it be” quietly to herself. She loved that song, she would hum it every time we were in the car, I hated the way the notes hung in the air and ever since the day that damn song sends knives down my spine. My parents both grew up in the mountains. They went to this church every Sunday and when they moved into the valley after getting married, they vowed they would sustain the tradition. Virginia hated it, she would have much rather spent her Sundays in…

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