Essay on The Dark Tourist Of Dark Tourism

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Nowadays, dark tourism has been involved in the tourism market a lot. It has been opened for tourists for mainly visiting purposes. It starts to get more common as tour operators are generating more profit from it. In terms of a tourist’s perspective, the main attraction for dark tourism is their associations with death and suffering. However, one might argue that dark tourism’s attraction is mainly foe their historical value. By now, there is no clear definition of this tourism niche. Novelli (2005) uses two other authors, Lennon and Foley, in her journal to define dark tourism. She quotes “[Dark] tourism referring to events that have occurred in recent times, which force the visitor to question modernity” (Novelli, 2005). They see dark tourism as the ‘commodification of anxiety and doubt’. She also quotes another author, Marcel, on his definition on dark tourism. He says “Dark tourism may be identified as ‘visitations to places where tragedies or historically noteworthy death has occurred and that continue to impact our lives.’” (Novelli, 2005). There are multiple definitions for dark tourism through different tourism articles. For instance, horror tourism, hardship tourism and black spot tourism. By participating in dark tourism sites, tourists can gain knowledge and experience. Thus, these sites should be opened for tourism. This paper will discuss this in more details. Dark tourism as mentioned before as the attraction of death and disaster. However, these factors…

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