The Dark Side Of Science Essay example

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A staple of the horror genre has always been that of the mad scientist. From H.G. Wells ' Dr. Moreau to the more recent ideas of Dr. Josef Mengele in Ira Levin 's 1976 novel, The Boys From Brazil, these and other fictitious1 scientist 's dreams and schemes generate nothing but pure evil while running unrestricted and unaccountable, wreaking havoc upon humanity, with the ultimate result of the scientist receiving the recompense of his reward. Heather Douglas indulges herself with this fiction in her paper "The Dark Side of Science," which was published in The Scientist and reprinted in The Norton Field Guide to Writing with Readings. She emotionally postulates that scientists should share a degree of accountability for the intentions and outcomes of their scientific discoveries, regardless of whether those present intentions and future outcomes are good- or ill-willed. Heather uses the mercurial metaphor of a carelessly thrown match to ignite the understanding of her readers to the idea of scientific answerability. Ms. Douglas also suggests that a type of regulation be put in place to distribute the burden of responsibility, although she is careful to not overtly mention any type of governmental regulation. In the end, "The Dark Side of Science" is a suppositional argument which espouses that the responsibility of the misuse of science extends up and down the spectrum of ownership. However, Douglas ' position leads to a spirit of fear and not hope, holds one accountable for…

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