The Dark Side Of Dark Tourism Essay

1440 Words Jun 1st, 2016 6 Pages
People are fascinated with death and disaster, the slowing down on the motorway to see a crash, or the fact that there are more negative articles in the News, then positive, are clear indicators of this. Thus, there is a growing demand for dark tourism, also known as Thanatourism. It is derived from the ancient Greek word thanatos, meaning the personification of death (Cristiana, 2013). Therefore, Dark tourism is a tourism attraction that is based around morbid events, generally death and disaster (Shackley, 2002). Today, dark tourism, is significantly increasing in demand, resulting in an immense increase in academic interest ever since the 1990’s. However, as dark tourism is still very taboo, literature is fragile and inadequately conceptualised (Biran, & Hyde. 2013). Therefore, it is understandable why it is a sensitive topic to develop academic literature around and this imbalance between sensitivity and fascination, has created issues around dark tourism. Contemporary issues are subject that have recently been in public discourse, generally due to the negative impact it is having (Charles, 2015). Contemporary issues can also be related to tourism, whether it is climate change or sex tourism, impacting the tourism industry and the world. Thus, this essay discusses why and how dark tourism is defined as a contemporary issue in tourism. Firstly, this essay explains the history and an overview of what dark tourism is. The essay will go on to discuss the two motivational…

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