The Current Governmental System Employed By Modern Governments

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The current governmental system employed by modern governments is based on the ancient Greek concept of the polis. In order to comprehend how the West adopted the principles of democracy in the early modern period, it is integral to build ones understanding of the ideas surrounding the establishment and maintenance of the Polis during the dark and classical ages in Greek history. For instance, prior to the development of democracy in Greek city-states, the poleis went through periods of oligarchical and tyrannical governmental regimes whose policies served the aristocracy and detriment of the poorer classes. Of the two prominent poleis Athens is the primary city-state that embodies the qualities of the polis outlined by Aristotle. Due to the continuous development of the Athenian government throughout the classical era the shift from an aristocratic government towards a primitive form of modern democracy is what made Athens was the ideal polis to live in at the time, especially when compared to Sparta.
What makes a polis? What qualities must a city embody in order to be considered a polis? A polis is defined as a collection of villages that creates a united community large enough to sustain themselves and continues to exist for the sake of a good life . The establishment of the polis is based on the principles of family. Similar to how a family satisfies a man with his everyday wants and needs, the polis satisfies the wants and needs of the citizens who live within the…

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