Essay on The Current Age Of Education

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One of the most controversial topics of the current age in education is that of accountability. So much so, in fact, teachers have been accused of teaching to a high-stakes test, often to the detriment of learners, while failing to teach students valuable problem-solving and analytical skills. Nationwide, a debate has been brewing for years over what students should know, the effective teaching practices that ensure that learning, and how that learning is measured. Teachers are expected to differentiate their instruction, but standardize their tests. It is a widely held belief that accountability to a single standardized test is not the most effective way to demonstrate competency (Deubel, 2008). Rather, educational leaders continue to investigate ways to demonstrate higher, deeper meaning at the local level where teachers hold one another and their students accountable by teaching them to think creatively, solve problems, and use resources to make decisions and construct a product. The fact remains that competency must be quantified. In the State of Alabama, teachers are charged with preparing students to excel on high stakes tests formulated by ACT while still teaching them to be resourceful, creative, problem-solvers. By using effective teaching practices that differentiate instruction, and capitalizing on the multiple intelligences and learning styles of students, teachers can have it all and all learners can meet and exceed the objectives set forth in the Common Core…

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