The Curious Incident Of The Dog Essay example

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In Mark Haddon’s novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, an attempt at the Bildungsroman genre is made, by employing many of the characteristics of this genre. Many argue that this novel is not a true Bildungsroman however, I will argue that it is, since it contains almost all of the key aspects of this genre, despite the slight twist near the end. I believe that this novel fits the genre of Bildungsroman and demonstrates the coming of age of Christopher through his various experiences in his hometown, as well as on his journey to find his mother. In this essay I will discuss the main components of Bildungsroman: emotional loss, a journey, and transformation and the way in which they are displayed in this novel through Christopher. These three topics are the very characteristics that define the genre, and Haddon was sure to include all three in this novel. Christopher experiences some upsetting events in this novel, which creates the starting point for the majority of the story’s action, this emotional loss is the first indicator of the novel’s genre as Bildungsroman.When Christopher’s father takes his notebook from him, he goes looking for it, and ends up finding a box full of letters that his mother had been sending him, and Christopher takes one to read. Later when he is back looking in the box, and reading more letters, his father comes in and sees him, and becomes upset, but then realizes that he must tell Christopher the truth, and he does. Once…

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