The Culture Of Western Cultures Essay example

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It was stated that in our western society the element of youth is valued in the work force over age, due to their innovative ideas, a more in-depth knowledge of technology, and an energetic, flexible attitude towards their careers (Barak, 2014). While in eastern societies, age is more desirable, because the attributes of wisdom and experience are positively correlated with advanced age (Barak, 2014). In my experiences with people from both western and eastern cultures, I would have to agree with Michalle E. Mor Barak, and state that western cultures do value youth over age, while eastern cultures value age over youth. I believe that the home is a reflection of the workplace, which is a logical explanation for this paradox amongst the different cultures. This difference is also due to the fact that western cultures are for the most part, individualistic, while eastern cultures tend to be collectivistic. Being raised in New York City, New York, I was exposed to various cultures and from a young age I realized the vast differences in which people lived their lives. From the age of two years old I had Asian friends from China, Japan, and Korea, while also having friends whose families have never stepped a foot outside of the city. For my Asian friends, family came first and everything else was a second priority. These Asian families had multiple generations in the same household. Grandparents, parents, and grandchildren, with the grandparents holding even more…

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