The Culture Of The Maya Essay

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The Maya were often misinterpreted as uncivilized people that practiced human sacrifice, bloody rituals, and war. In contrast to European explorers, modern historians see the Maya quite differently in terms of sophistication. Located in Mexico, Belize, Central America, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. The majority of their surroundings was made up of volcanic mountains, scrub plains, and tropical rain forests. This ancient Mesoamerican world lasted for more than 2000 years, and was split into different time periods, from before the time of Christ to after the Spanish conquest in the 16th century. The Maya reached admiring heights, leading their society to success. The Classic period between 300-800 A.D was considered the golden age. Abundant innovation, as well as advancements in writing, math, agriculture, astronomy, and architecture occurred during this time. Their highly accurate calendar, beautiful buildings, precise astronomical observations, and clever farming techniques are few testaments for their progressive culture. Creating a written language was also a great achievement as well. The Mayas’ intellectual expression often surpassed those of future civilizations. Despite the Europeans characterizing the Maya as uneducated people, they were in fact a sophisticated civilization with many achievements that still influence our culture today.
The literate Maya invented and developed an advanced writing system, which provided the foundation for many different…

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