Essay on The Culture Of The Caribbean

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There are a lot of misconceptions of the caribbean that never seem to change and add on to the old ones as time passes. Most individuals knowledge about the caribbean is derived from other human beings and their experience and understanding and of it. This often leads to stereotyping. Many individuals tend to see the caribbean as a place for vacationing and relaxation. These islands are not just about reggae, Bob Marley, and the great food. There is much more to the caribbean than just the beauty of the islands and the tourist attractions. Many do not know that the caribbean has numerous and complex ideologies that are attached to it. These ideologies are often overlooked by people, mainly tourists. Just like any western civilization country, the caribbean has an array of different cultures infused in countries like the Dominican Republic and Haiti
The caribbean is not just about beautiful beaches, rum, exotic foods and dancing. It has a complex history in its existence. There are many different races and cultures infused into the caribbean islands. In 1492 Christopher Columbus landed on a small island in the caribbean. The three vessels, the Santa Maria, the Pinta and the Nina landed on the coast of the island in Quisqueya (Wilson 1). That island became Santo Domingo, which is present day Dominican Republic. It is the oldest Spanish colony in the New World (Wilson 1).
Before European settlement the caribbean islands were inhabited by two indigenous peoples, the Arawakan…

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