The Cultural Industry Is Described By Adorno And Horkheimer Essay

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The cultural industry is described by Adorno and Horkheimer (1977) as the standardisation of culture and cultural goods, attained through the manipulation of consumers, pseudo-individualism and commercial marketing in order to accomplish an economic and social status.
Within Adorno and Horkheimer’s theory, there are three major concepts that have increased the development of the cultural industry and the behaviour of consumers, this involves discussing the transformation of use value to exchange value, reification and commodification, and whether these three key concepts are harmful and a disadvantage towards the behavior of consumers.

Individuals in Western countries from the early twentieth century depended on mass communication for information established around entertainment, social and economic means, building the standardisation of media networks as a medium for capitalist gain from consumer behaviour (Adorno & Horkeimer, 1977). According to theorists Adorno and Horkheimer (1977), cultural activities and products are standardised and commercialised through mass entertainment, therefore supporting Adorno and Horkheimer’s discussion on the concepts of the cultural industry. Adorno and Horkheimer (1977) assess the consumer behaviour of today in relation to the way they value their goods and how it is influenced through the manipulation and persuasion of mass entertainment, for example the Internet and social media. In today’s global culture industry, rather than…

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