The Cultural Construction Of Sexuality Essay

1491 Words Nov 8th, 2016 6 Pages
Cultural construction of sexuality can be defined as the view that perceptions and attitudes towards sexuality varies due to the diversification in values and practices amongst various cultures. In this essay, I will argue that sexuality is culturally constructed and explore the different ways in which it is perceived and understood, as well as analysing the reasons for these differences. Firstly, I will look at sexually restrictive cultures and discuss how religion and ethos cause some cultures to have strict morals and beliefs regarding sexuality. Secondly, I will go on to look at sexually permissive cultures and explore how some cultures have greater freedom and openness towards sexuality, exploring the alternative connotations of sexual behaviours in different regions. Finally, I will focus on how some cultures base their understanding of sexuality on political ideologies, talking particularly about patriarchy and the different perceptions of masculinity and femininity, and how this impacts categorisations of sexuality. By the end of this essay, I will have examined why I believed sexuality is culturally constructed and challenged the idea that sexuality has the same meaning in all cultures.

The sexually restrictive ideals that are in place in some cultures have had a significant impact on how sexuality is culturally constructed, leading to largely conservative views about sexuality (Heider, 1996). Religion tends to play a significant role in understanding these…

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