Essay on The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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In the story The Crucible by Arthur Miller, Reverend Samuel Parris runs the church. Parris, supposedly, a puritan doesn’t fit the characteristics of one at all. A traditional Puritan is someone who craves a simple form of religion, shows self reliant, selflessness, and is respected by one’s neighbors. A traditional puritan knows God created a plan for everyone and shows patience in receiving a valuable fortune. Parris expresses un-puritan ways in the aspects of his religion, greed, reputation, attitude and paranoia.
Parris proves to be a lousy puritan because of his religious customs. Truthfully, the only puritan trait Mr. Parris demonstrates is involving religion in every aspect of his life. Parris fails at preaching due to the fact his sermons only mention hell fury. Many times in this play, the characters express frustration from hearing the preacher speak only of hell. A historic puritan preaches sermons about the grace of God and the Holy Spirit. “{Proctor has} trouble enough without {he} come 5 mile to hear {Parris} preach only hellfire and bloody damnation,” (148; 580-3). Many of the people who used to go to his church gave up attending. They do not agree with his sermons, which only mention the devil and do not want to hear it. “Take it to heart, Mr. Parris. There are many others who stay away from the church these days because you hardly ever mention any more,” (148; 583-5). His sermons also speak too much of money. Parris uses his sermons to take presents from…

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