The Criminal Justice System, Like Any System Designed By Human Beings

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Ben Whishaw once said, “The criminal justice system, like any system designed by human beings, clearly has its flaws.” Mr. Whishaw is completely right. Everything that has to do with humans and everything created by humans will have a flaw if not more. In this instance, the flaw in the criminal system is the discrimination and a the issue of civil rights. America is moving backwards on civil rights because of the racial inequality is shown in the criminal justice system, such as bias punishments, police brutality, and different opportunities.

The bias portrayed in the convictions and punishments of the criminal justice system proves that civil rights are not making forward progress. In his article Andrew Kahn states, “Black Americans are more likely to serve longer sentences than white Americans for the same offense.” Although the cases are exactly the same the end result is different, why well, because of the suspect 's race. One is diminished and treated lesser and different and until this is changed America can 't move forward in civil rights due to the racial inequality shown in the courts. In the article “How The Criminal Justice System Is Racializing Our Democracy” it is argued that “Black men receive sentences 20 percent longer than white male defendants who are similarly situated, the U.S. Sentencing Commission found earlier this year. An earlier Pennsylvania study found that young white defendants were 38 percent less likely to be sentenced to prison than…

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