Essay about The Creation Of Outcasts By The 2016 Election

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The Creation of Outcasts The 2016 election will be marked by a large division in our nation in which people of certain races, financial status, gender, and ethnicity were looked down upon by other members of society. Prejudgment of others ran rampant throughout our nation after citizens began to turn against others, causing a deep barrier to be formed. The formation of this barrier was a result of the tendencies of people to be afraid of others that are depicted as being different from themselves, either socially, culturally, or physically, all driven by the fear of the unknown. As a society depicts a group of individuals as different, a barrier begins to grow, creating groups that are socially accepted by society and groups that are viewed as outcasts or dangers to that society. In addition to the recent election, a large divisions was also visible during the beginning of the Modernist Era. This caused the Era to combat division as “ British literature began to be characterized by increasing presence of women’s voices, working class voices, and voices expressing varied ethnic, religious, and sexual perspectives” (1935, l. 26-29). This statement reveals that citizens began to become more aware of the barriers formed and attempted to abolish those barriers. The characters in “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot and “The Garden Party” by Katherine Mansfield display indecisiveness and overall ambiguity throughout the short stories that depict questioning of…

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